“Inter War” house¬† Charles Callis of Kooyong Often referred to as (but incorrectly) Art Deco. Unlike most Melbournians, I was pretty pleased with our broken windows that resulted from the March 7 2010 hailstorm. A few windows were already cracked or broken and now was as good a time as any to have them all replaced. All? Yes….ALL !!! Being a two-storey “Inter War” home, both levels have large front windows with a corner return.

Each complete frame on both levels has 16 panes of glass divided by steel framework. That adds up to 32 individual panes of glass !!! And lots of 80 year old steel in between. I also wanted to replace every pane because at certain times of the day, the noise levels of the nearby Monash Freeway were annoyingly high. I was hoping to instal a thicker noise reducing glass that also served to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Very luckily, I found Period Window Restoration and Eugene Scott. Eugene was quick to come out and look at the project and quite excited by the prospect of working with steel frames, something he had done lot of in the UK. Eugene knew exactly what he was dealing with and could see that I didn’t just want noise reduction coupled with increased insulation capabilities; full restoration to “inter War” original condition was the goal here.

Eugene is meticulous in his work as well as practical. He takes as much pride and care in his work as I do with my home. All aspects of the restoration/repairs were discussed with me first and carried out accordingly. It soon became apparent to me that Eugene was vastly experienced in his craft, caring and possessing an attention to detail that assured me peace of mind. The thoroughness of Eugene’s work is remarkable. Careful preparation, choice of fixtures appropriate for the period of the home, the use of top quality materials, punctuality, problem-solving and a cheerful disposition are all part of the PWR package.

When the project was completed, I had 32 shiny, markless panes of thick insulated glass, set in striking, freshly painted black frames fitted with period opening and closing mechanisms that worked simply and perfectly. The reduction in noise was incredible !!! I’d say the level of sound entering the two rooms was reduced by 60%. I have slept like a baby ever since the new panes went in !!! The insulation improvements were also clearly noticeable. The rooms required minimal heating that Winter. A huge energy saving. I can strongly recommend PWR and Eugene to anyone with a “period” home that requires window repairs or restoration. I would have absolutely no hesitation in engaging his services again”

– Charles Callis, Kooyong Victoria