When we began the process of restoring our house we pondered for a while whether we should change the windows completely. We did not want the house to lose its character but we wanted to have windows that were more environmental in terms of maintaining the inside temperature of the house stable both in winter and in summer. This was a predicament, because although we wanted to keep the original windows, these were painted shut, some panels were rotten and the glass on them was about 2 mm thick! In order to make them insulated thicker glass was required, but would the frames hold the weight and was there enough space in the panel for the thicker glass?

After enquiring here and there with no luck, and just when I was about to give it up, someone recommended Period Window Restoration. Eugene, came along to have a look and clearly explained how he would solve each one of our needs, how long it would take and how much it would cost. This was great! His professional approach made us feel assured not only that it could be achieved, but that he was capable of delivering it within very acceptable terms.

He delivered on each one of his promises with professionalism and a great sense of humour. The windows were restored, routed to fit the thicker insulating glass, weights refitted to account for the new weight of the panels and gaskets added for draft control. Needless to say, they work a beauty!! I am very pleased with the work and grateful that Period Window Restoration helped us achieve our goals of making our windows more energy efficient without having to lose the original windows which give our house it’s distinct character.

РMithzay De La Espriella