sash windowsSash windows were first invented in Europe as far back as the thirteenth century, but in most cases the sash window as we know it today was more develop during the latter part of the sixteenth century and in stately homes were the costs could be afforded by the owner or the state.

Most of the older style sashes of this time had glazing bars in them , this was due to the duty on glass that was removed 1845 and with it, people could afford to have lager glass panes installed in them, which had cylinder glass until 1959 when float glass introduced in most windows .

The operation of the sash window is very simple in theory it uses weights in the box frame to counter the actual weight of the window in the frame this method has not changed in theory as far back as the box sash window has existed and is still employed to day in joinery firms all over the world.

The sash window system was never patented and no one has claimed to be the inventor 
Most people believe the sash window was invented in England, but the French and Dutch have a claim to be the first to use the sash window in there building’s, whoever used it first this design is used all over the western world and is still being produced in many different material, from wood frames to pvc and aluminium window such is the design of this window that for hundreds of years people still require it in their homes’ and work places’.