Sash Window Services

Sash window restoration
Full restoration to sash windows. With the modern upgrade techniques we employ, the sash window will be restored to as new so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Sash cord replacements
We employ techniques that ensure your sash cords are running smoothly and operate as originally designed.

Sash frame replacement
Where the sash frame cannot be saved we create a template of the original sash and reproduce the original features and beauty of your windows.

Moulding replacement
Custom made mouldings are used to suit the requirements of your sash windows. They are hand crafted so that the window loses none of the original features.

Draft and rattle elimination – We use gaskets and sealants to draft proof your windows and doors to reduce the rattle and drafts which old windows develop over time.

Spiral Balances
We offer a range of spiral balance replacements in modern sash windows. Note, we also offer industrial strength spiral balances for windows with heavy glass

Fly Screens – We offer a broad range of fly screens for all types of windows.

Other glass replacement and upgrades – We do all types of glazing repairs whether it is replacement glass in your windows to a full range of upgrades in glazing to improve your windows. Stained glass repairs/ replacements and More

Glazing Specialist
Period Window Restoration offers a full glazing service to are clients. We specialise in complex glass projects with installation of window glass in heritage windows as well as commercial and residential properties.

 Over the years we have encountered many window’s that have had the glass replaced but there has been no consideration been given by the glass company as to whether the window will operate as it was designed. If extra weight is added in the frame (due to glass being heavier) your window will not operate properly and in most cases with laminated glass in your frame, it will not operate at all. Sash windows are especially sensitive to glass weight, they need the correct weight in the window frame to balance the weights inside the frame.

 Because of our extensive experience, (over 27 years of glazing experience) we always consider all of these factors to make sure your window works to its full potential .

Custom Joinery
Our craftsmen always pay attention to detail with all projects. We custom build all windows and replacement mouldings where needed to the original detail of the window. Sometimes this may include sourcing particular timbers. This duplication ensures frames look and operate as they were originally intended.
 All our joinery and carpentry work is of the highest standard as we believe our clients expect. We are always proud of the results of our projects.

Locks and fittings
There is a comprehensive range of window hardware available. Contact  ask us for more information.

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Rot Repairs

Rot Repairs

Period Window Repairs check and report on all windows and doors for timber rot and perform both minor repairs and full replacements.

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Restorations in Melbourne

Restorations in Melbourne

Period Window Restoration have been providing professional and expert advice and service to clients right across Melbourne and it’s surrounding suburbs for years.

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