Stain glass window repairs

Stained Glass Windows

Period window restoration has reglazed and restored many glass structures over the years. We have extensive knowledge in the field of glass and glazing from curvature glass domes to the conservation of stained glass windows.

Stained glass replacement

By utilising our years of experience we first make a decision to either restore your stained glass or replace it. Certain styles of glass are no longer available, but with the glass makes available to us we will try are utmost to restore your stained glass to its former glory. The process will involve removing and restoring the glass and lead before it can be reinstalled into the door or window.

Onsite repairs of lead windows

In square or diamond stained glass we have, over the years, made repairs to the lead light in situ. This saves the cost of a full replacement. By using special tools and glazing methods, Period Window Restoration has developed techniques that can repair the glass in these beautiful windows without the need to replace them. Our clients are delighted we have repaired them on site and saved them the cost of replacement.

Bringing life back into stained glass

Period Window Restoration has developed methods to bring your stained glass back life. We have, on a number of occasions, repaired listed structures where we restored the windows but the lead light was worn or faded. Careful cleaning, preparation, use of special pastes and buffers will restore your lead light to its original condition.

Glass replacement

We use traditional methods in glazing to repair your glass or upgrade your window.
We don’t install with just silicone which seems to be the norm in the glazing industry. Sealants offer a valued contribution to the sealing of the glass, but clean fronted putty on wood and steel windows always gives that authentic look and great finish if done by professionals. In cases of heavy exposure to the elements, sealants are paramount.

Period window restoration
We know how important your windows are to you and we will do all that we can to restore your stained glass to its former glory, but in some cases, a full replacement may be required due to the corrosive elements of the lead or other damage that is beyond repair.