steel window repairs

Steel Frame Window Restorations

Restoration and conservation of steel window
Steel window restoration can be done on site or the frame may have to be removed from site for more extensive repairs. In our experience, with proper inspection of the frame, this is often unnecessary. The steel frame will look worse than it really is due to surface rust and paint corrosion along with the old putty in disrepair. These can be repaired on site.
A well-kept and maintained for steel frame window will last well over 100 years.

Period Window Restoration has restored many of these metal windows for home owners who have come to love their durability and ageless qualities. With proper care and maintenance your steel windows could be restored to their former glory and with modern upgrades in glass and weather sealing. You can then enjoy the comforts of modern windows without losing the character of these beautiful windows.

The cost of restoration compared with replacement is quite different and in some cases the need to replace is unnecessary. Period Window Restoration will ensure your steel framed windows will be totally refreshed. In many cases the restoration will cost 50% less than replacement.

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